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Available for Naira and Dollar options.

You can also get your pay out monthly or lump sum based on the preferred investment variant.

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Doubble Reward Option allows you to invest either in one contribution (lump sum) or monthly contributions – which could be for the duration of 3 years (36 months) or 5 years (60 months).

All payouts are paid monthly in equal installments to you or any beneficiary of your choice.

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Doubble Target option allows you save a sizeable amount towards achieving a target and then your interest is paid as markup to help hit the target.

Voluntary additional contributions can be made into the investment account apart from the regular contributions based on the initial set date as well as multiple plans purchased.

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Doubble fixed investment allows you to fix a set amount of funds for at least 30 days and earn up to 5% per annum interest rate at maturity.

You can invest in Naira or US dollars and you get all your funds plus interest at maturity.‍

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