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Stay ahead of the market and enjoy up to 60% returns on your Naira and Dollar investments.

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Gift Box for Gift your Investment

gift your investment

You can choose beneficiaries other than yourself to receive the returns on your investments. You could reward it to a spouse, child/children, parent or anyone else of choice.

Calendar for Plan your Investment

decide your payback plan

Flexible repayment system which empowers you to plan towards future consistent cash outflows. You can decide to receive your interest repayment either monthly or as a lump sum.

Computer user for Self Service

self service

You can initiate your investment process all by yourself on this platform and select a convenient date and time for your contract to commence.

Doubble Rewards

Doubble Reward option allows you to invest either in one contribution (lump sum) or monthly contributions

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Doubble Target

Doubble Target option allows you save a sizeable amount towards achieving a target.

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Doubble Fixed

Get high returns in a short period, as high as 10% per annum

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